Duallist Pedals


These are great pedals for a few reasons. I used to use Tama Iron Cobras (which are superb) but switched over to Duallist a while ago. They’re made of DupontTM Zytel® engineering polymer – essentially a form of plastic. This makes them light (great for flying in and out of festival gigs) and extremely tough. I have broken three pedals footboards over the years – all made of metal – but haven’t managed to dent one of these polymer ones. Great pedals – smooth and fast with easy adjustments and the ability to switch in a few minutes from a double pedal to two singles with the addition of an extra spring. You can check them out here.

There is, of course, another string to Duallist's bow as they also make drum shells and a brushed copper snare drum. I have one of the latter and it is a superbly made piece of gear witha truly explosive sound. It's very heavy, therefore tends not to be the one I take on aircraft, but is truly a fantastic drum that I am happy to use alongside my Black Panther snares.

Duallist Brushed Cooper