I’m extremely fortunate to have endorsements for every part of my set up with companies that I believe make some of the best gear available. It’s taken years to get to this point, but it really makes a massive difference when the people that you get to deal with are all so cool.

I'm a double bass drummer and when I can I like to use both bass drums. However, the nature of touring and stage sizes don't always allow that. Fortunately double bass pedals have evolved so much that you really can't feel much difference between using one or two bass drums. It does alter where I position my rack toms slightly though, as with a single kick they tend to move the right a little.

10" and 13" rack toms
16" floor tom
2 x 22" bass drums
1 x 14" snare

14" Paiste Heavy hi-hats
17" Paiste 2002
18" Paiste RUDE Wild Crash
18" Paiste RUDE Crash/Ride
18" Paiste Dark Energy Crash
22" Paiste Rhythm Master Ride
18" Paiste RUDE Novo-China
2 x Duallist pedals
(Quickly convert from two singles to a double if using a single bass drum)
I tend to use either a Gibraltar or Pearl Icon rack
Wincent sticks (5B)
Evans Skins
Hardcase cases
Best Tronics cables (drum snake)

Everybody has their ultimate set up and this one is mine.
I also have a single bass white Mapex kit with the same cymbal and skins configuration, which is actually the kit I mainly use for recording.

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