Mapex Drums

Years ago I really favoured Yamaha drums which I still think are magnificent. In 2007 I switched to Mapex, a Taiwanese brand, and since then I haven’t looked back. I mainly use Saturn series drums (maple and walnut shells) , but also Armory (birch and maple shells) which, though considered a level below Saturn, are prefectly crafted drums with all the punch needed on stage. To check out the different specs and series visit the website here.

My white Saturn kit

In Croatia

My black Saturn kit (assembled from spares after my main Saturn kit was stolen and never seen again…bastards!)

Night Sky Burst Armory kit

As far as snare drums go, again I used yamaha for years, mainly one that used to belong to Cozy Powell. It now belongs to Eric Singer as I wanted it to go to a good home and Eric was something of a fan of Cozy’s. Now I use Black Panther snares (made by Mapex) which are simply magnificent!

I have three main snares: the Black Panther Sledgehammer and Machete models and a brushed copper Duallist snare. RecentlyI have taken on an Armory Tomahawk, which is slightly shallower than the other two. All great drums – loud, crisp and clear.

The Black Panther ‘Sledgehammer’ (14 X 6.5 Hammered Brass)

The Machete: (14 X 6.5 steel, brushed nickel).

Duallist Brushed Cooper

Tomahawk, from the Armory drum series. (14 X 5.5 steel).