Paiste Cymbals

I have been using Paiste for years now and they are, in my opinion, the best sounding cymbals on the market.
That claim in itself is really saying something as there are many superb cymbal makers – form large ‘mainstream’ companies to smaller boutique-style makers. However, Paiste are, to me, the cream of the crop.

I use:
14″ Paiste Heavy Hi-Hats
17″ Paiste 2002 Power Ride
18″ Paiste RUDE Wild Crash
18″ Paiste RUDE Crash/Ride
18″ Paiste Dark Energy Crash
22″ Paiste Rhythm Master Ride
18″ Paiste RUDE Novo-China (which Simon Wright – ex-AC/DC and Dio amongst many others – said was the ‘loudest fucking cymbal ‘ he had heard. It made me so proud!)

Paiste have an excellent website, complete with soundroom, that you can check out here.