New music and gigs for 2019…

Alongside projects down here in Italy such as Thunderhead which is starting to write original stuff, there is a new band on the horizon. We blasted down four tracks over a couple of days in London; recorded with no click tracks or headphones, just a band having a good time. … Read the rest

Thunderhead is go!

First gig done with the Thunderhead band – and it was excellent. All covers at the moment, but originals on the way. The standard o musicianship here in southern Italy is very very high – as is the cooperation between musicians themselves. I generally go along to the Castellaneta AMC … Read the rest

Italian Thunder

There’s been no news here for a while, so I thought it was about time to update the page. Now that I live in Italy I’ve taken a while to get set up and ready to rumble again. Through a fortuitous chain of events – and connections with a lot … Read the rest

Burrfest 2017

Not much has been happening recently…not on stage anyway. There’s a new musical project in the works, but this one will take a while to get going. The tracks that we’ve worked on already are sounding excellent though – very heavy. I have also been drumming for Chris Martin’s Rock … Read the rest