Day Six…Brescia

So…the adventure continues.
Up early to sort out the van which was supposedly repaired. Managed to get to the garage in good time for then dropping the hire car back at the airport and then off to Brescia. All part of the master plan.

Of course our master plan didn’t include the garage only having gone as far as lifting the bonnet, declaring it dead until we pay them the equivalent of Grenada’s national debt. Bastards! They hadn’t even begun to fix it.

Four unhappy iconites were back in the car and back to see the manager of the hotel we had been in, Andreas. He had already told us they were a bunch of thieving pricks and, alas, he was correct. However, this fine gentleman then helped us get the van sent to another garage. The sole remaining problem being that it wouldn’t be ready until Monday.
So…into the hire car and off to Brescia. We missed a turn and ended up going up a steep one horse track where Reece had to get out and clear rubble off the road at one point, but we made it in good time.

The gig was great. All bands played s blinder. On to Croatia tomorrow \m/