Travel day to Croatia

We had a great time in Brescia at the show, and the whole Operation:Mindcrime and Fire and Water crew have continued helping save our bacon by hauling our gear. After the show we stayed in an awesome hotel half an hour into the countryside, staffed by people so ridiculously happy that they belonged on a TV show with the Fonz. Great place.


The stealth beast

The next morning we crammed into our new shrunken tour bus and made way for Croatia, passing through the beautiful Slovenian countryside on the way.

It was early evening by the time we hit the Croatian border. Even the passport control lady was smiling when she asked us why we were here. She appeared to find it particularly amusing when we said we were a band. Perhaps it was four large blokes, all dressed in black, jammed in a black car that looks like it is coated in stealth-fighter tiles that tickled her fancy – but whatever it was it can stay tickled because we were through in no time and headed for our accommodation for the next two nights. This turned out to be a really nice apartment, ten minutes from the venue by car, near a bakery that served fantastic food and coffee and a shop that has copious quantities of affordable beer. So, while the I.C.O.N machine rolls on back in the UK sorting the logistics of our unfolding plan for the rest of the tour (we are on to about Plan G or H by now, Plan B having been screwed by the Trieste garage) we can relax for the morning.
Anna has been on the end of constant phone calls updating her on the unfolding situation and planning the next moves with changed ferry crossings and the ever trusty Vans for Bands in Oxford.

We think we have a way forward 🙂

Good morning Croatia