Show day Croatia

Not much to report really today. Slept in; had coffee; broke iPod; tried to fix iPod; swore at iPod; abandoned iPod and went to the gig which is a very cool venue with equally cool staff. Sound checked without problems and then feasted on ridiculous amounts of awesome food.

Fire and Water were predictably fantastic and we had an absolute blast on stage. Much tighter than last night I reckon, just a few tweaks here and there made a difference.


Now enjoying Croatian beer while listening to Operation:Mindcrime – these guys are fucking brilliant.
The European shows have been great for us; the crowds really seem to get what the band is about and the promoters have been awesome to us. We have three shows coming in the UK too. It’ll be good to see how they go. Shame we’re not doing London but the promoter wouldn’t let us. I will be diplomatic about that. For now.