Travel day from Zagreb to Nuremberg. The plan is simple: we drive to Trieste airport to drop off one car and pick up another which we use until we drop it in Calais on the way back to the UK shows.



We reach Trieste (or Tourette’s as Reece pronounces it) and drop off the car. Job done?


The car is in Venice

Okay….how about bringing the car here or taking us to it?


Okay…how about we hire a different car? Simple!

No. “We are a car hire firm…but we have no cars”.


Does any car hire company of the seven here have cars?



Finally after nearly three hours we manage to hire a car to get to Venice.


Phone goes en-route: “We’ve cancelled your car because you are at the wrong airport”.

“Okay….so we’re fucked?”

“Yes. But for an extra €700 we can find a car.”

“No. Let’s just get unfucked while we are driving to Venice.”

“Okay sir”

So we are on the way to Venice. I’m expecting the town not to be there when we arrive…

(Later that day)

It turns out that the two ladies at Venice airport could not have been more helpful. We got our car without any hassle. It will by known as the Millenium Falcon because it doesn’t look like much but it’s got it where it counts. It made .5 past light speed through Austria and Germany. Long border hold up…brush with the undercover Polizei hunting for escaped POWs…and six hours later we are at the hotel. Hamburg tomorrow!