The Falcon got us here in record speed as we outpaced the GPS and shaved plenty of time off the trip. We could do the Kessel Rin in less than 12 parsecs in this machine.

Anyway, got here from Nüremberg on time and set up in the awesome  Markthalle – what a venue!

imageSet up and sound checked in no time as the crew guys really know their stuff. Very helpful.

Great stage, great crew, great food, great beer 🙂

All in all the gig was a blast: all three bands did well. Fire and Water and Operation:Mindcrime were both predictably brilliant.

Hung around after the show chatting for a while and Susan supplied an Operation:Mindcrime cocktail which was superb.

Cocktail- pictured on its side, or was I on my side...can't remember.
Cocktail- pictured on its side…or was I on my side…can’t remember.

Great to see some old friends: Mick, Gabe and Meik and Roger from Motörhead. Will be seeing him again in January 🙂

Onwards to Wilhelmshaven in the morning.