Back in the UK

Yesterday was definitely a test. We made the ferry terminal in time and checked in, but the ferries were all over the place because of bad weather. Ironically we actually ended up getting an earlier scheduled ferry that was still delayed and left after our original ferry was due to leave. Yeah…we were back to the future.
There were only five foot passengers: us and a little old nun. It was classic; especially at immigration:
“Are you all travelling together?”
“She’s our manager.”
It’s definitely on the list of photos I wish I had when we reached Dover and were leaving the terminal she walked through the doors with Reece and I on either side and Scott and Mark behind. We looked like a seriously heavy duty escort from the Vatican. It just needed the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back and she would have looked like The Emperor arriving…or Nun Vader.

We were surviving on four hours sleep. Tried to get some sleep on the ferry but it was pretty busy and there was a woman nearby with one of those voices; like an Ostrich mating with a constipated camel. Didn’t help, but at least we were able to relax.

It took ages to disembark as we were shunted around the bloody ship, but we finally made it ashore go meet our Vans for Bands connection and pick up our trusty steed. As ever – a totally reliable company!

Then it was hell bent for leather up the motorways…and into traffic jams. Reece and I were both pretty tired. I’d reached that point of having a conversation with the steering wheel to keep awake. I won’t bore you with the details, as it was slightly surreal, but it turns out that the steering wheel on our van has a fine sense of humour and stunning grasp of historical fact.

Anyway…we FINALLY reached Stourbridge to discover that the Operation:Mindcrime people had hit the same transport problems – multiplied by their being on a bus – and were still on the M25. Time was racing by – and after exhausting every single avenue to make the show happen it was reluctantly cancelled by the venue manager (a very nice bloke). I know for a fact that this was extreme circumstances and everybody was very unhappy at this outcome.

So we were left with no choice but to head to the Travelodge and finally sleep.