Southend on Sea

After a good night’s sleep we marched southwards towards Southend, battling the usual terrible motorway traffic. It does say something that we’ve travelled nearly the length of Europe and apart from one border checkpoint between Austria and Germany, these are the worst traffic conditions on some of the bumpiest roads with miles of roadworks and no bastard working on them. Just an observation…


Anyway, we arrived at Chinnery’s without hassle: nice venue on the seafront. The Operation:Mindcrimers were already present and correct and the whole soundcheck accomplished without hassle.

For once there were no catastrophes…no breakdowns…no battling the clock…incredible but true, but it was an uneventful day.

It was an excellent gig; even the rain leaking into the stage couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm. Fire and Water were blinding, we played well, and the headliners stormed it. A great night all round. Our Guv’nor Anna was there to meet the teams and all in all the day/evening ran as smoothly as a smooth thing with the word ‘smooth’ written smoothly upon it.


Then back to Larndan for a day off. Next stop Brighton.