New stuff going on…

While I.C.O.N gets itself ready for rehearsing the material for our next album and getting into recording mode (as well as playing three gigs in June) there’s a bit of non-musical stuff happening here. First of all, I’m redoing my Scuba Instructor’s exam soon so should get back to teaching status if the planets are in alignment and I’ve prepared properly.

I’m still working on my book about the Kriegsmarine’s Security Flotillas (with the excellent Seaforth Publishing who I’ve worked with a lot) which is very interesting and features quite a few of the ships whose wrecks I dived on in Brittany. That’ll be book number 14 when it’s done.

In the meantime I’ve received my first copy of ‘Steel and Ice’ from The History Press which I believe is released on 6 June 🙂 They’ve done a great job with it and it looks very good.


I’ve also been told that an American publisher is reprinting ‘Hitler’s Grey Wolves’ which is very cool. A guy from the company got in touch and within a couple of emails we were discussing which were our favourite rock and metal drummers. So that bodes well. I really enjoyed writing that book and met some amazing people during the researching of it. A fascinating part of the U-boat war in my eyes; the boats that travelled to the Far East to operate alongside the Japanese Navy. Very interesting. It was originally published with ‘Greenhill Publishing’ in the UK, who were always an absolute pleasure to deal with.


Then there are a couple of new ideas brewing as well; one of which doesn’t involve the Kriegsmarine so much, but still charts the history of a Wehrmacht unit that I find particularly fascinating. More on that if it gets confirmed 🙂

So…busy busy busy.

Oh…and I got married too; about three days after coming out of hospital.
Two weeks before the wedding I was on tour with uber-metal bands. One week before the wedding I was in hospital with four tubes in my arms and oxygen up my nose. It’ now one week after my wedding and nothing has happened….so that must be a good sign 🙂


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