Chris Martin’s Rock Dawn

Pleased to announce that I’ll be drumming for Chris Martin’s Rock Dawn when it hits the road next year. There are a few things going on before then too…

It’ll be good to be back in a band with the mighty Adam Sheppard, who is handling vocals for it and I’m looking forward to working alongside Chris and Neil Salmon on bass, plus Nick Payne on keyboards. Chris has created the entire project himself and the CD is available now. It’s great stuff. Quite a departure for me in a lot of ways and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to it soon.


If you want to pick up a CD then drop Chris a line – Facebook Page – it’s available on Amazon as well I believe. You might notice a bloke on there that I’m sure I’ve seen before somewhere…..

Other than that, I.C.O.N is relaxing for a week or two, but there’s other band news on the way…

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