Video time with Cris Martin’s Rock Dawn

Had a blast doing two videos with Cris (yes I know there’s no ‘h’ in it) in support of his album. One was an instrumental called ‘Overrun’ and the other was ‘Call of the Wild’ with this vocalist bloke that I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before.

Thanks to the crew for the day they were very cool as were the guys who run the rehearsal studio (The Music Room). The only damper on the day was running my car the wrong way up a one-way street right in front of a camera. It wasn’t my original plan…a visible signpost would have been handy.Hope fully the London Traffic Nazis were distracted by something and missed it.

Apart from that its was pretty smooth going. Then a few beers, two bottles of wine….bed by 4am.

Nice one to Cris, Neil, Adam and Blaze. Looking forward to seeing how the video comes out.



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