Burrfest 2017

Not much has been happening recently…not on stage anyway. There’s a new musical project in the works, but this one will take a while to get going. The tracks that we’ve worked on already are sounding excellent though – very heavy. I have also been drumming for Chris Martin’s Rock Dawn, a mainly instrumental project, and we played Burrfest this last weekend which was a blast. For one reason or another there were lineup delays so the first and last full rehearsal we had was the day before the show. The full lineup was Chris (guitar) Romeo (rhythm guitar), Nick (keys) and Armando (bass) and I had a lot of fun.
We opened the noisy part of Burrfest and ripped through a set that comprised:
The Believer
Harmonic Crunch
Veil of Tranquility
Slow Burn
Metal Go Round

The kit was a house Mapex kit (the best of course) and – being a house kit – it had seen a bit of wear and tear. So much so that one crash cymbal was determined to lie on the second rack tom and the hard working stage manager bloke kept leaping on stage with gaffa tape in hand to sort it out. It reminded me a little bit of the kit that I had at the London Clive Aid show in 2007, though that was way worse as the toms themselves kept pointing in the wrong direction! The sound on stage and out front was excellent courtesy of Heretic Danny Felice.

We were supposed to go on and do an encore at the end of the night of Call of the Wild from Chris’ album (one of the three tracks with vocals) and a cover of Thunderstick’s Afraid of the Dark from 1984. Now, you just knew that wasn’t going to happen! These multi-band gigs never run to time despite everybody’s best efforts so we didn’t get a chance to do them. Shame, as Call of the Wild is a strong bluesy number that is a kick to play. Not worried about the cover…I can live the rest of my life not hearing it again to be honest (just my opinion of course 😉

Anyway, the gig was great. Really well organised and run. It was also very nice to meet some of the old Maiden people. Great to see Dave Lights again and say hello. I remember a good time with Dave on board for some Blaze shows a few years back. Great to meet Doug Sampson who  is a genuinely lovely bloke and a great drummer. And Terry Wapram who was also a thoroughly nice bloke and a fantastic guitarist. I was really blown away by his playing – very very cool. Also good to catch up with some other old mates as always 🙂

So all in all, an excellent day and one that the Burrfest organisers should be very proud of. Well done gents.     

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