Italian Thunder

There’s been no news here for a while, so I thought it was about time to update the page. Now that I live in Italy I’ve taken a while to get set up and ready to rumble again. Through a fortuitous chain of events – and connections with a lot of very cool people here – I’ve started regularly jamming at the Castellaneta Motorcycle Club. As well as being a great bunch of people, they have a nice little music room all set up with PA, drums, amps…the works. It’s a lot of fun, the President of the club, Daniele D’angelo, is a bassist who jams with us every time we play.

Anyway…through that I have met Enzo Bruno, an excellent and experienced guitarist/vocalist who was in the band Valentino in London during the 1980s, and together with two other great players – guitarist Domenico Lattarulo and bassist/vocalist Alessandro Netti – we’ve formed a band.

We’re getting a bunch of covers together first, and after two sessions we have, so far:
Over The Top
Ace of Spades
Killers (Motorhead)
Step Down
God Of Thunder
Another Brick In The Wall (heavier than the original, of course)
Rock and Roll All Night
I Love It Loud
Detroit Rock City
It’s A Long Way To The Top

It’s sounding great, and the covers are a good way to get everything gelling together as well as having a set ready to play in the right place.

So, things are starting to move again. There should also be news soon from something that is brewing in the UK, but it’s not quite ready…and the devil is in the detail…

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