New tour, new forum, new tracks…

We’re out on the road again in February with The Heretic Order for a sort-of ‘double headline’ thing which should be a blast.


In the meantime we’ve opened up a forum/message board on the I.C.O.N site, which is cool. I like forums much more than the social media driven thing … Read the rest

Being allowed to waffle in public again :)

I’m honoured to have been allowed to publicly ramble on about one of my favourite subjects on both Total Rock and Metalkast. Thanks very much Ali and Paul.

Total Rock with Ali Blackdiamond, featuring a special tribute to Lemmy Kilmister:
Listen Here

Co-hosting Metalkast (and making a general nuisance of … Read the rest


I hope Ross Halfin can forgive me for borrowing his image. To me this is a great photo – something Mister Halfin has always delivered over the years.

I woke up this morning to the same alarm tone that I have had for a while: the first minute of ‘Over … Read the rest


We had finally reached the last day. Woke up in Köln and prepared to head off. We were actually on the outskirts and in, what were in daylight, pretty bleak surroundings. The guy who showed us to our apartment was from Galicia and a nice dude, but the whole area … Read the rest


The trip from Salzburg was pretty tiring actually. Pouring with rain and Reece and I were flagging a bit behind the wheel. The plain clothes Polizei pulled us over for a document check, which livened things up. The funniest thing was there were two of them – very polite and … Read the rest


We rocketed down into Austria along what are now familiar roads. I’ve been to Salzburg a few times and it’s a great city, but we didn’t have time to have a look around unfortunately. Checked into the hotel (which was an awesome old building that had been a Gasthof since … Read the rest