Cool beans…

It’s been a busy time – working through my dive instructor exams and pool sessions to get back to teaching status…about to go on a small European tour (a little less than the 7,000 miles we did with Operation:Mindcrime this time) and now confirmed to be opening the Dirkschneider and … Read the rest

The collected ramblings of a New Zealander at work…

Larry’s BRA Diary
(stolen lock and stock and barrel from the I.C.O.N website)

(Part I)

Yes, it’s finally time for the BRA Tour. Just to be clear – for those familiar with Sid James’ work – it’s not the BRA tour because it’s a pair of heavyweights travelling together … Read the rest

New tour, new forum, new tracks…

We’re out on the road again in February with The Heretic Order for a sort-of ‘double headline’ thing which should be a blast.


In the meantime we’ve opened up a forum/message board on the I.C.O.N site, which is cool. I like forums much more than the social media driven thing … Read the rest


I woke up this morning to the same alarm tone that I have had for a while: the first minute of ‘Over The Top’ at full blast that I borrowed from the Stagefright DVD soundtrack. It always sets you up for the day.

But not today.

A lady who is … Read the rest