Day off in  Larndan


The Vans for Bands steed heads for Brighton
 (Parental advisory: contains explicit lyrics…any similarity to living people is entirely planned…may contain small parts).

We had a day off in London which was spent back at my house, washing clothes and attempting to stop three cats from climbing in suitcases. We – and the superb Fire And Water – didn’t play the London show; nothing to do with the Mindcrime crew but the show was farmed out by the UK agent (who had already managed to balls up two out of four shows that he was supposed to book) to another London promoter who changed the bill completely. So, to paraphrase Princess Leia in her exchange with Darth Vader after her ship was captured near Tattooine: “Fuck off Darth Promoter and keep fucking off until you get there…and then fuck off some more.” We all hope your raging case of syphilis improves soon. So we had a day to recharge at least before the next leg which begins in Brighton. 

After Brighton we head back over the Channel to Salzburg, which we’ve driven past three times in the last ten days and then on to northern Germany (which we’ve been through twice). It’ll be nice to be back in Greater Europa for the final sprint.

Once again, I’d like to go on record and say that the entire Operation:Mindcrime band, manager and crew and the Fire and Water duo have been an absolute pleasure to tour with and to watch perform every show. I’ve seen a few internet heroes taking pot shots at Mister Tate and – on behalf of I.C.O.N I’d like to say – bite me. 

Looking forward to seeing them all at the next shows.