I really like Brighton. It’s a very cool place and I always enjoy visiting. Been a while since I played here; I think the last time was with Blaze at Concorde 2, which is going back a bit. Debbie was still alive when we played that one.

Tonight we were in The Haunt. Never been there before. Late load in, swift sound check and go.

Gig played, gear out the door into the van and off. Only the second time that we’ve had to leave before Operation:Mindcrime have finished 🙁
Anyway…I took the chance to be a fan and got a Disturbed album signed by John, an AC/DC single by Simon and the first Queensryche EP by Geoff 🙂

It was an absolute pleasure to see Charlie Male again, who came down to the show – great guitarist and a good mate. Cheers Charlie.

Off to Dover tomorrow for a two day trip to Salzburg, stopping in Germany tomorrow night. Awesome.


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