At The End Of The Day – The History of the Blaze Bayley Band


This book I wrote between tours while the Blaze Bayley band was in full stride. It’s not an Iron Maiden history – though, of course, it does cover Blaze’s time in Maiden or at least as much as I could print.

The rest is about the rest of us in the band; a New Zealander, Englishman and two Colombians which was an interesting mix. The first issue came out on 2009 and this is the updated version which finishes off my time in the band.

Of course, what happened after I left isn’t covered and won’t be…not by me anyway!

If you would like a copy of the book, I’m selling it here. It is now sent from Italy, so a bit of patience may be required awaiting its arrival – and postage here is expensive 😉

The costs are:
UK: €24
Europe: €24
Rest of the World: €30

Just Paypal me HERE (and make sure you provide all your address details).