It’s been a while since I did any updates on here so just wanted to say another huge ‘thank you’ to the crew and organisers of the excellent Skullfest in Belgium. It was exceptionally well run and we had a bloody great time all day long. The gig was fantastic… Continue reading

New stuff going on…

While I.C.O.N gets itself ready for rehearsing the material for our next album and getting into recording mode (as well as playing three gigs in June) there’s a bit of non-musical stuff happening here. First of all, I’m redoing my Scuba Instructor’s exam soon so should get back to teaching… Continue reading

Dirkschneider and Anvil Tour Diary (nicked brazenly from the I.C.O.N website)

PART ONE Back To The Roots Tour 2016. So, who are we supporting? Tarquin the Hairdresser on his UK Tour? Alan Titchmarsh on his Gardening Tour? No. It’s Udo F**king Dirkschneider on his ‘Goodbye to Accept Tour’ with Canadian metal heroes Anvil. This is a genuine blast for all of… Continue reading